Whisky Advert Of David Beckham Given Thumbs Up By Advertising Standards Authority

David_Beckham_SuitThere has been an ongoing concern revolving around the recent advert of David Beckham. His new campaign is for a new whisky developed by Diageo. His adverts showcase Beckham, who rides on a motorcycle. Then, he pours drinks for his friends.

Charity Alcohol Concern has said that Beckham is famous even on children. He should not be allowed to promote alcohol. This would become appealing to teenagers. Also, it implies that drinking becomes a key for acceptance or social success. They even pointed out that Beckham’s partnership in the past with Sainsbury’s Action Kids and had become a goodwill ambassador for Unicef.

ASA recognized Beckham’s involvement with Sainsbury’s Action Kids as well as being an ambassador. However, they consider it does not contribute to the global icon’s appeal towards the children. It was even noted that the athlete’s shift from playing football towards venturing into commercials, his move on joining different foreign leagues, and his retirement from football meant that his appeal towards the children is long gone way back in 2014.

Haig-Club-whiskyThe company Diageo even said that based on Beckham’s Facebook page, 76% of them were at the age of 18 above. Also, its target audience is those within the age range of 25-40. This clearly supports that indeed Beckham has no more appeal to the children.

Even if ASA gave a thumb up for the said whisky advert, one thing is clear. Beckham has indeed joined the limelight and has become much of a public figure. He becomes a target of scrutiny and will always be followed by the cameras, media, and other groups. Whatever he does, he will be criticized for it. He even has gone famous thanks to his infamous Emporio Armani underwear ad together with his wife Victoria Beckham. The whisky ad is not shocking anymore. He was a famous footballer and have retired. He is a celebrity. He is a global icon. This means he receives contracts for commercials, posing for a magazine, and endorse a designer brand. Beckham is entitled to that.

As for him having an appeal for the children – this remains a big question. Of course, there are teenagers who still idolize and follows him. With him retiring from football and venturing into commercial his appeal will go down the drain as the months and years go by. He is still David Beckham a famous footballer.

If you haven’t seen the advert yet, take a look below: