Organizations that Work with the Special Olympics

The Special Olympics is an international competition in which mentally and physically handicapped athletes are able to compete. It is a great way to teach skills and spirit to a variety of different people. The Special Olympics is a great cause and there are many organizations that help to make it better. Below are just three of the top organizations that work with the Special Olympics.

1. Islamic Relief

The Islamic Relief USA or better known as IRUSA is an organization that has been fighting to offer a better world for individuals for over 25 years. They are involved in a lot of charities and organizations but one of the top organizations they fight to help is the Special Olympics. In years past they have lent their time as well as their effort to help with many different Special Olympic causes. One of the most successful fundraising activities that benefited the Special Olympics was a fun and unique activity of pulling two United airplanes. It was a great way for individuals to come together and raise money for a great cause.

2. IPC

IPC also known as the International Paralympic Committee is a great organization that offers summer and winter paralympic games. They were founded in 1989 and is a nonprofit organization that is based in Germany. They are dedicated to developing sport opportunities for individuals with a variety of different impairments. Not only do they donate time and money but they also donate a lot of effort to the Special Olympics.

3. International Olympic Academy

The International Olympic Academy is a great educational and cultural Institute that offers a large array of programs and seminars to improve and enhance the Olympic movement. They are one of the key organizations that help to keep the Special Olympics running smoothly and easily.

Although there are many different organizations that work with the Special Olympics these are just three of the top organizations. Not only do they offer a great amount of time and effort but they also donate money as well as goods to help offer everyone the opportunity to play and compete in different sports.