Get to Know the UAE’s National Aerobatic Team

The Knights of the Emirates, or the Fursan Al Emarat are the National Aerobatic Team for the UAE who will participate in the Dubai Air Show this year. The show will last for five days, and the Knights will be making multiple and highly anticipated appearances. The leader of the team, Col. Nasser Al Obaidli, is proud of the reflection of his team in the highly skillful maneuvers of the UAE pilots.

Fursan Al Emarat was responsible for staging the premiers earlier in the year at the Sliac Airport for the SIAF, or Slovak International Air Festival, and at the Zhukovsky Airfield just outside of Moscow for the XIII International Aviation and Space Salon. According to Al Obaidli, the team trains twice a day, five times a week. Even for a highly experienced pilot of the UAE Air Force, it is not easy to fly with an aerobatic style.

Fursan Al Emarat was originally established in 2010, and their inaugural display was flown in November of 2011 at the Dubai International Airport. This commemorated the Dubai Air Show. In January of 2012, the Bahrain International Airshow served as their international debut, and since then they have appeared consistently at various events throughout the year. Prior to the first performance of the Fursan Al Emarat team, they took a training course for six months supervised by the Frecce Tricolori pilots in Italy. This was followed by preparing in the UAE for another six months.

The Fursan Al Emarat team consists of seven aircrafts as a representation of the UAE’s seven emirates, and the fleet totals twelve aircraft. The team flies the Aermacchi MB-339A, a light attack aircraft with robust capabilities. The name of every pilot is on the aircraft, and the pilots are kept current. The flying is dangerous, and their concentration is always critical, in addition fitness is important to the job, so pilots can mentally and physically keep their distance from any problems.

Fursan Al Emarat will be seen on the UAE’s 46th Anniversary of Independence. This represents a National Day, and is celebrated November through December 2nd. This year, the exceptional team will fly along the east coast of the UAE. The emirates will include Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah, and Fujairah. The team will also fly over Abu Dhabi Corniche.