Where are All the Women Sailing?

Making this month’s Women in Sailing edition of Mainsail has been something of a personal voyage.

It was an idea that began last year, during a dramatic afternoon on the edge of Rio de Janeiro’s Olympic sailing course.
The medals were rolling in, but the Olympic regatta had saved the best until last.
Local girls Martine Grael and Kahena Kunze took gold for the host nation, sailing straight into Brazilian sporting folklore.
I’d been following the young Grael’s career for some time, since her early days under the shadow of her legendary father and two-time Olympic champion Torben.
I could see she had something special. Martine was going places, and had her sights fixed on success in Rio. But what would she do next?
Winning Olympic gold can be a whirlwind of parties, television interviews, photo shoots and more parties. But it goes by in a flash.

March Madness 2017 Predictions

The Gonzaga Bulldogs have made every NCAA tournament field since 1999. That’s tied for the sixth-longest streak, only behind legacy programs with shoo-in Hall of Fame coaches. But their appearances have been wrought with disappointment. Gonzaga hasn’t gotten past the Elite Eight, and it’s only even gotten that far twice.

Two Elite Eights and 19 tournament appearances in 19 years is a remarkable achievement for any program. For most teams from mid-major conferences, it’s incomprehensible. The Zags should be rooted on as the ultimate Cinderella. But because they’ve been so reliably good for so long, they don’t get that label. They get the label of the Team That Hasn’t Won The Big One.

I’m picking the Bulldogs to shed that label this spring. It took me a while to get there, for reasons having nothing to do with the team’s tournament past.

This is Mark Few’s best team yet — better than those Adam Morrison-led squads that lost in second rounds and Sweet Sixteens from 2004 to 2006, and better than any of the last few years. Yet the Bulldogs should be viewed skeptically, because their path to 32-1 was miles easier than their path to Phoenix will be.

Their league, the WCC, is only decent. They played three games against tournament teams in conference, and all three were wins against a Saint Mary’s team that Gonzaga clearly matches up excellently against. They played three more out of conference: wins against Florida, Iowa State, and Arizona, all by seven points or fewer.

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Organizations that Work with the Special Olympics

The Special Olympics is an international competition in which mentally and physically handicapped athletes are able to compete. It is a great way to teach skills and spirit to a variety of different people. The Special Olympics is a great cause and there are many organizations that help to make it better. Below are just three of the top organizations that work with the Special Olympics.

1. Islamic Relief

The Islamic Relief USA or better known as IRUSA is an organization that has been fighting to offer a better world for individuals for over 25 years. They are involved in a lot of charities and organizations but one of the top organizations they fight to help is the Special Olympics. In years past they have lent their time as well as their effort to help with many different Special Olympic causes. One of the most successful fundraising activities that benefited the Special Olympics was a fun and unique activity of pulling two United airplanes. It was a great way for individuals to come together and raise money for a great cause.

2. IPC

IPC also known as the International Paralympic Committee is a great organization that offers summer and winter paralympic games. They were founded in 1989 and is a nonprofit organization that is based in Germany. They are dedicated to developing sport opportunities for individuals with a variety of different impairments. Not only do they donate time and money but they also donate a lot of effort to the Special Olympics.

3. International Olympic Academy

The International Olympic Academy is a great educational and cultural Institute that offers a large array of programs and seminars to improve and enhance the Olympic movement. They are one of the key organizations that help to keep the Special Olympics running smoothly and easily.

Although there are many different organizations that work with the Special Olympics these are just three of the top organizations. Not only do they offer a great amount of time and effort but they also donate money as well as goods to help offer everyone the opportunity to play and compete in different sports.

NFL Players Now Involved in The Real Estate Business

What do Kurt Warner, Asante Samuel, Than Merrill, N.D. Kalu and Roger Staubach have in common besides playing NFL football? They’re all in the real estate business. And a growing number of current and former NFL players are doing the same thing. The average NFL career last about 3.5 years. That means players have to find a way to make the money they made while playing last a lifetime. That’s why its becoming more common to hear NFL players talking about real estate investment trusts and investment opportunities.

These players understand real estate investments can continue to pay dividends long after they can no longer play football. Ex-Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach was known for his ability to see the entire field and anticipate what was going to happen. He did the same thing when it came to planning his post-NFL career. In 1977 he started a real estate company. When he sold it in 2008, he netted $640 million. Now that’s a touchdown.

Defensive end N.D. Kalu played for several NFL teams. He also founded the Kalu Group, a Houston, Texas based real estate brokerage, 5 years before he retired in 2008. The company buys distressed properties, refurbishes them, then leases them out to low-income families. San Diego Chargers outside linebacker and Philadelphia native Shawn Bullard began investing in real estate during his senior year at Temple University. Now his company, Konkrete Investments, LLC, is one of Philadelphia’s only real estate development firms that’s only owned by African Americans. He’s also one of the city’s youngest developers.

The Nickerson Realty Group located in the Weddington, North Carolina is owned by former 16 year NFL veteran Hardy Nickerson and Amy his wife. Founded in 2005, the company offers real estate investment consulting, relocation services and traditional real estate services to corporate executives, entertainers and athletes.

Than Merrill, founder of FortuneBuilders made a name for himself in real estate after 1 year in the NFL on the HGTV show “Flip this House”. On it he and his team turn fixer-uppers into really nice properties for resale. And Dan Hreider a former running back with the Pittsburgh Steelers is also involved in real estate. He recently bought the 100 year old 3 story Historic Hamilton Suites apartment building in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It’s on the National Register of Historic Places. He also bought an apartment building nearby.

These are just a few NFL players using real estate as a ticket to a good life after football.

Loyola Lacrosse Gets a New Offense

There’s a new coordinator in town and he’s come to take over some of Loyola University’s sports.

The Loyola Greyhounds announced just this past Thursday that Marc Van Arsdale would be taking the reigns as the offensive coordinator for the university’s mens lacrosse team. Van Arsdale is coming in after serving as an assistant coach for the University of Virginia for the last fifteen years, ten of them operating as the assistant head coach. Over the course of his time at Virginia, the Cavaliers won NCAA Division I Championships in 2003, 2006 and 2011. In this time, the team had multiple award winners for the Tewaaraton Awards in the forms of Chris Rotelli, Matt Ward and Steele Stanwick in the respective years of the team’s division championships. On top of this, Virginia was in the Top 10 in offense eleven times and was number one overall in offense in 2006 and 2009.

Loyola University in Maryland has already seen a pretty good year in men’s lacrosse, since freshman Pat Spencer set a school record for assists with 52 and tied the record for points by scoring 89 of them. Spencer’s fascinating skill and record-setting play has also earned him some mentions for next year’s Tewaaraton Awards. Adding Van Arsdale to the team’s offensive program could very well end up giving him the boost needed to take home an award this upcoming season. The upcoming season is sure to be a success, following in the footsteps of previous teams including players like Sean Hecker.

Loyola head coach Charley Toomey stated that he was incredibly pleased to have someone with the character and strength in coaching to be a part of Loyola’s team. He added that Van Arsdale being part of championship teams on multiple occasions, being a good recruiter and leading some of the best offenses in lacrosse are also reasons for why he’s excited to have him coaching for the men’s lacrosse team at Loyola.

Van Arsdale made sure to send thanks for his peers at Virginia, especially coach Dom Starsia, even though his contract would not be renewed. Van Arsdale admittedly decided to join the Greyhounds since their team was averaging over eleven goals a game over the course of the 33 games played and also went on to the NCAA Tournament semifinals. Virginia, at the time, was also attempting to hire head coach Lars Tiffany and offensive coordinator Sean Kirwan from Brown University, which was another factor in Van Arsdale deciding to move over to Loyola.

Whisky Advert Of David Beckham Given Thumbs Up By Advertising Standards Authority

David_Beckham_SuitThere has been an ongoing concern revolving around the recent advert of David Beckham. His new campaign is for a new whisky developed by Diageo. His adverts showcase Beckham, who rides on a motorcycle. Then, he pours drinks for his friends.

Charity Alcohol Concern has said that Beckham is famous even on children. He should not be allowed to promote alcohol. This would become appealing to teenagers. Also, it implies that drinking becomes a key for acceptance or social success. They even pointed out that Beckham’s partnership in the past with Sainsbury’s Action Kids and had become a goodwill ambassador for Unicef.

ASA recognized Beckham’s involvement with Sainsbury’s Action Kids as well as being an ambassador. However, they consider it does not contribute to the global icon’s appeal towards the children. It was even noted that the athlete’s shift from playing football towards venturing into commercials, his move on joining different foreign leagues, and his retirement from football meant that his appeal towards the children is long gone way back in 2014.

Haig-Club-whiskyThe company Diageo even said that based on Beckham’s Facebook page, 76% of them were at the age of 18 above. Also, its target audience is those within the age range of 25-40. This clearly supports that indeed Beckham has no more appeal to the children.

Even if ASA gave a thumb up for the said whisky advert, one thing is clear. Beckham has indeed joined the limelight and has become much of a public figure. He becomes a target of scrutiny and will always be followed by the cameras, media, and other groups. Whatever he does, he will be criticized for it. He even has gone famous thanks to his infamous Emporio Armani underwear ad together with his wife Victoria Beckham. The whisky ad is not shocking anymore. He was a famous footballer and have retired. He is a celebrity. He is a global icon. This means he receives contracts for commercials, posing for a magazine, and endorse a designer brand. Beckham is entitled to that.

As for him having an appeal for the children – this remains a big question. Of course, there are teenagers who still idolize and follows him. With him retiring from football and venturing into commercial his appeal will go down the drain as the months and years go by. He is still David Beckham a famous footballer.

If you haven’t seen the advert yet, take a look below: